April11 , 2024

Busan Business Trip Massage The Pretty


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Thank you for visiting THE Joy.

Hello, This is Busan’s top business trip massage at ippeum.com, The Pretty, which has been resurrected. 

After running the site under a different name for a while, 

Let’s start again with more joy. 

You have a lot of business trips to Busan. After business trips, 

There is nothing to do at home. Tired and healed 

I want to do it, and when I do, I always look for business trip massage. 

no see. why? Calling me without going out, like a call girl

 It’s because it’s really comfortable to come and take care of yourself. 

Even if you come to Busan you don’t know, you don’t have to go around 

Just call at your accommodation. Motel Hotel One Room 

Officetel, family home, pension, anywhere, in any room 

Welcome if you are alone. All reservations are possible. 

The Pretty Busan Business Trip Massage is open from evening.

If you make a reservation after 7pm, most times within 30 minutes 

Arrive all over Busan. 

A 20-year-old manager gives a visit care massage 

there is. Cool massage and healing as a bonus!!! 

They are Korean managers and managers who can communicate well. 

It is a business trip massage that feels different from home Thai. 

All areas of Busan business trip massage are available.

thinking about business trip

Busan business trip massage is possible to move and visit all areas 

do. Not only are you in Busan, but also a little away from Myeongji 

Jeonggwan Gijang New Town is all 30 minutes away. 

As far away as Yangsan Gimhae Ulsan Jangyu Changwon Masan Yongwon Jinhae 

everything goes Ifra is doing well, that neighborhood 

Managers even come to visit! 

Busan Haeundae Hotel Centum Marine City Songjeong Jaesong-dong Suyeong 

Banyeo-dong Bansong Jangsan U-dong Jwa-dong Middle East Dalmaji 

Mangmi-dong Millak-dong Gwangalli Suyeong Yongho-dong Kyungdae Daeyeon-dong 

Namcheon-dong Munhyeon-dong Beomil-dong Jobang Beomnaegol Choryang Busan Station 

Jungang-dong Sujeong-dong Yeongju-dong Nampo-dong Jungang-dong Gwangbok-dong 

Bupyeong-dong Songdo Amnam-dong Ami-dong Bosu-dong Yeongdo Gamcheon 

Gamman-dong Uam-dong Goejeong Umgung-dong Hadan Daesin-dong Gudeok 

Sinpyeong Jangrim Saha Dadaepo Sasang electric shock gwabeop cool officiating ceremony 

Gaya Gaegeum Danggam-dong Buam Jeonpo-dong Bujeon-dong Seomyeon Hotel 

Yangjeong City Hall Geoje-dong Samnak-dong Sajik-dong Yeonsan-dong Dongrae 

Oncheonjang Oncheon-dong Anak-dong Suan-dong Myeongryun-dong Guseo-dong Seo-dong 

Bugok-dong Myeongjang-dong Jangjeon-dong Handsome Mandeok Deokcheon Deokpo Gupo 

Hwamyeong-dong, Myeongji, and Signal-dong are finished. If you are in Busan 

Please call us anytime.

Busan business trip massage business trip massage price

Basic 150,000 won, 200,000 won, 350,000 won. 

For other inquiries, please contact us. No cards!

Time runs in 40 minutes, 70 minutes and 120 minutes. 

Other amounts or times are similar to scams. 

You should never make an upfront payment. 

We never take upfront payments. never!!

The truth Black guests are blocked. Make sure to make a reservation 

Please keep your manners.