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Mshop.dk | Nordics’ leading retailer of sex toys


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We have everything in sex toys

Mshop.dk is the Nordics’ leading retailer of sex toys – With more than 35 years of experience as the leading provider in our industry, we offer our customers a unique, stylish and modern universe – in our online shop, as well as in our two stores in Sweden. We are particularly proud of our professional and experienced staff, who have set new standards for qualified advice to our customers online at our customer service and in our stores; for the novice as well as the experienced. And we are proud to say that we have helped over 1.5 million customers to a better sex life!

“We listen, guide and help you translate your needs into a product. A product like a sex toy, which can play a big and positive role in our sexual health and general well-being – both physically and mentally ” – The team behind Mshop

Sex toys can bring life to the relationship

The entire team behind Mshop has enormous experience in the area of sexual health, relationships and mental and physical well-being. We know that the key to a happy and long relationship is an open and varied sex life. This is where we think sex toys should come into the picture.

One should not hold back on investing in erotic toys and thus one’s sex life – it may turn out to be the best investment in one’s life. Give each other the opportunity to enjoy the maximum of your intimate presence with exciting pieces of sex toys.

With us, you will find everything in sex toys for couples to spice up your sex life. But it can of course be difficult to get started and choose one specific sex toy. Therefore, read our guides to the most popular categories below:

Our recommendations for couples:

Sex toys sets and packages

A set or a box is a really good way to start a relationship. By choosing a set with different products, you quickly find out which sex toys you like best and whether there is a sex toy that you both want in your sex life. The content may differ, some will contain sex games suitable for couples, while others may be composed to explore other erogenous zones, such as anal. In addition, you don’t have to choose one particular product, and together you can simply throw yourself into a more exciting sex life.

Tip: Throughout Christmas and the months leading up to it, you can instead look for a sexy Christmas calendar. It consists of exclusive sex toys and is a great romantic Christmas present. At Mshop, we have even developed our own advent calendar in environmentally friendly materials, with 4 unique gifts.

App-controlled vibrators

Many people are probably familiar with the classic vibrators that can be used to stimulate the vagina in different ways – such as clitoral vibrators that, for example, can use air pressure to stimulate the clitoris, or dildos with built-in vibration for stimulation during penetration. But with an app-controlled vibrator, you can both seriously participate in the intense and naughty play. The vibrator is controlled by an app that you download to a smartphone, and provides countless settings that the partner can control. Some models can even be controlled from longer distances with Wi-Fi, and can suddenly make the long-distance relationship much more naughty.

Penis rings

The penis ring is best known for providing longer endurance during sex, by squeezing around the root of the penis. But the penis ring is definitely not just for those with a penis. Because in addition to the intense stimulation man.

Masturbation is the way to better sexual health and more well-being in everyday life
Time and time again, research has shown that masturbation provides unique health benefits and well-being in everyday life. In-depth studies have found, among other things, that masturbation can reduce the number of stress hormones in the body, optimize one’s sleep and provide better physical and mental well-being. We can thank our brain for the vast majority of the benefits, which secrete endorphins in the body when we masturbate and briefly give a feeling of relaxation, joy and peace in body and mind. But these feelings can persist if you masturbate more often – both alone or with a partner. In addition, over time it will also lead to better self-esteem and body image.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the best products for masturbation and identified which categories to take a look at, whether you’re looking for sex toys for women or sex toys for men.