November29 , 2023

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Welcome to, Selected as a food and drink guarantee company through 5 years of big data.

Private Toto: Lose all proceeds from betting money in one shot

Private Toto has many advantages over Sports Toto. Basically, the dividend is high and you can take more profits when winning through various charging events. However, there is one fatal flaw.

That’s cheating.

Among users of Toto, you must have heard the word “eating and running” a lot. To put it simply, the site does not give the winnings even if the user wins. There are many reasons for this eating and running, but the representative type is lack of capital. It does not start with a certain amount of capital like a legitimate company, and does not take any legal action even if it is eaten and run. This is why you need to eat and run.​

A user asks a question.
“Isn’t it right not to use it if you hit it and don’t get the winnings?”

Eating buddy manager’s answer
“No. You just need to find a safe Toto site.”

​Proceed fast and accurate eating and running verification

Our customer center receives dozens of inquiries about eating and running every day. Most users come to us already damaged. Once a scam occurs, it is difficult to even collect the bet money. There is no other way than to prevent it in advance.

You should always check the site before using it. No matter how good the hit rate is, if the winnings are not exchanged, it is a failed bet. The trend these days is to use it after pre-verification. The answer is not to use it unless you feel safe.

Those who cannot verify on their own can ask for help from a food and run verification community like us. Among them, our eating buddy analyzes more quickly and accurately than any other company through big data accumulated over the past 5 years.

In addition, if you sign up for the customer center mailing service, we will send you the latest eating and running information by e-mail.

Buddy’s eating and running verification process
  1. Search detailed domain history

Domain verification is the first step in the verification process. You can check the operation period, subdomain server location, etc. through history inquiry. Most of the scam sites have a short operating period and frequently change domains.

About 50% or more of domain checks are classified as scam sites. In the case of a new site, you can even search past activities.

2. Monitoring recent activity history

If there is no abnormality after the history inquiry, the site activity history for the last 3 months and all site activities from the current point are monitored. We check everything without missing even the slightest dispute, and actual test users start their activities as a verification team. The user eating and running verification period takes about 2-3 months. About 90% or more of the verification is completed in the monitoring process.

3. Funding and Real Member Interviews

When the previous two stages of verification are completed, the actual member starts the activity. Members and we check the status of the site, financial strength, and exchange of large bets every day through direct communication. Even if all eat-and-run verification is completed, it is a principle to guarantee the safety of members in use by constantly checking. This is why you should use a food and drink guarantee company.

Guarantee company completed through a thorough verification

​Conditions for selecting a food and drink guarantee company

We introduce only the best guarantee companies that cannot tolerate even a single scam. We provide a safe betting environment and various events.