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Jiuniu Casino has a gaming license issued by the Philippine government PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) and has been certified by the third-party gaming platform GLI (Gaming Laboratories International). It is a legal, safe and professional gaming platform. Jiuniu Casino The team has 12 years of experience in the industry, and it is an entertainment platform worthy of your trust and confidence in the game.

Jiuniu Casino is committed to providing the most advanced innovative technology. Jiuniu Casino has the most friendly operation interface, the most innovative game products, and the safest gaming environment. You don’t have to worry about personal data being stolen and outflowed. We abide by the “customer first” “, employing a professional and dedicated service team, striving for innovation and continuous improvement, to present the most intimate entertainment services to customers.

(NB113.NET) Online gambling game platform

NB113.NET is the best betting platform for U.S. dollars/mlb U.S. dollars/UFC fighting games.

Pick-up time:

After recharging for the first time on the day, please apply before betting. After betting, you will not be eligible for collection.

Collection method:

Click at the top of this activity page, and the activity specialist will distribute it immediately.

This activity cannot be applied at the same time as [New Member First Savings Activity].
If payment is made in installments, all payments completed within 30 minutes will be counted in the same order.

The winnings need 5 times effective betting: (principal + winnings) * 5 times, then the consignment can be carried out.
1. (2,000+188)*5=10,940, you can start consignment sale.
2. (5,000+388)*5=26,940, you can start consignment sale.
And so on…

Activity terms:

Valid betting definition: sports betting (if there is a half-lose or half-win situation in the bet, the system will calculate the total bet amount as a valid bet), any draw, canceled event bets, any betting failure that does not produce a winning or losing result Bets against bets; any draw in the live hall, risk-free bets, free commissions are not calculated, and the effective betting amount is calculated after the odds are calculated;

The same account/bank account/phone number/similar or same IP location/network environment can only be claimed once.

In order to uphold the principle of fairness and justice, this entertainment platform has the right to monitor members. In case of violation, deception, or illegal gain by improper means, we will have the right to freeze the points in your account.

In order to avoid differences in the understanding of the text or any changes in the activities, this platform reserves the right of final interpretation and the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotional activities at any time.

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