March3 , 2024 | Jobs for Massage Therapy in 2023


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Jobs for Massage Therapy in 2023 is a significant industry that offers customers and patients comfort and relief massage therapy. Individual classes that students are interested in taking should be available to them.

In order to accomplish particular goals, such as enhancing job abilities, pursuing new careers, or earning certificates or degrees, students may also design a sequence of classes.  You can unwind while learning more about massage.

This guide will teach you various techniques to relieve stress and encourage healing by treating soreness and tension in soft tissues.

What is the salary of a part-time massage therapist?

There is no fixed amount of hours required for a Massage Therapist to be considered part time. The only requirement that stays the same is that a part-time massage therapist cannot charge more than 40% of what a full-time therapist does.

According to PayScale’s salary data, part-time massage therapists earn the most between the 25th and 75th percentiles.

Depending on where in the nation you work, how experienced you are, and how skilled you are, the average pay for a part-time massage therapist varies from $9 to $29 per hour. Based on your experience and ability level, there might be room for growth and higher pay.

According to the recent activity of job postings on, there aren’t many Part Time Massage Therapy jobs available in Faisalabad or the rest of the province.

Part-time massage therapists in your region make about the same per hour as the national average, which is a really good rate of pay given that there is no formal education requirement for this line of work.

1. The following 10 locations pay part-time massage therapists the highest salaries: Leading Cities The Top States for Massage Therapy Top States for Massage Therapy Nationwide

2. To calculate an accurate hourly wage range for that job, we take into account the amount of Massage Therapy jobs in your neighborhood.

You’ll quickly land your next well-paying position if you have this kind of work ethic! Visit us at to learn how to massage people for a living from the comfort of your own house.

Which Cities Pay the Most for Part-Time Massage Therapist Jobs?

The average pay for a Part Time Massage Therapist in the following cities is higher than the national average, according to our analysis of massage therapy positions across the nation.

The Empire State Building is the main attraction in New York City. San Mateo, California comes next, and Great Neck Gardens, New York comes after that.

In New Jersey, Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan all have greater potential for home worth growth over the next five years than Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens combined.

In these ten cities, there are numerous opportunities for commercial development. To be closer to where people reside and work, you can relocate from where you are now.

The top ten cities’ typical salaries are comparable, ranging by less than 7% from $53,000 in New York City, NY, to $51,400 in Juneau, AK.