November29 , 2023

Pinnacle | Online Betting Platform Introduction


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Players who love football lottery , how much do you know about online betting platforms? In addition to Taiwan lottery, have you heard of Pingbo Sports (PINNACLE)? If players want to get higher odds in lucky lottery betting, more multi-variety lucky lottery games , but don’t want to go out to buy lottery, then they must know how to buy pinbo sports lottery!

Pinnacle sports betting platform introduction

As a well-known online betting platform, Pinnacle Sports not only has high odds, but also an online sports betting platform with the largest betting limit.

Moreover, Pinnacle Sports provides more than 20 sports events, such as football, basketball, baseball, badminton, ice hockey, etc., including popular events such as the Champions League , NBA, and professional baseball. Basically all items can be searched in Pinnacle Sports, and provide a variety of lottery games, whether it is a combination or a single lottery game can be freely matched, the most important thing is that in Pinnacle Sports, there is usually an opening for each game Betting is also the reason why many loyal users have been harvested.

How to bet on Pinnacle Sports?

After reading the betting introduction about Pinnacle Sports, the most important thing is how to bet on Pinnacle. The following is an example of Jiuniu Casino:

1. After registering and logging into Jiuniu Casino, click [ Sports Competition ]

2. Select【Pingbo Sports

3. After entering the page, select the favorite lottery item to start betting!

How to buy Pinnacle Sports 22-23 Champions League?

Finally, I will bring you the upcoming 22-23 UEFA Champions League no-handicap betting and UEFA Champions League winning odds. If you love football lottery, don’t miss it!

Pinnacle Champions League Handicap | :


paris saint germain

Bayern Munich

Main win: 2.350

Away wins: 2.750

AC Milan


Main win: 2.270

Customer wins: 3.200




Main win: 3.660

Away wins: 2.010



Main win: 2.440

Away wins: 2.840



real Madrid

Main win: 2.150

Away wins: 3.150



Main win: 2.810

Away wins: 2.410


RB Leipzig

manchester city

Main win: 4.430

Customer wins: 1.769

Inter Milan


Main win: 1.813

Away win: 4.280

Pinnacle Champions League odds:

team Champion Odds
manchester city 2.900
Bayern Munich 6.000
paris-germain 6.500
Naples 10.000
real Madrid 10.010
Liverpool 10.500
Chelsea 14.020
tottenham hotspur 18.040
benfica 25.230
Inter Milan 30.050
Dortmund 50.450
AC Milan 50.590
RB Leipzig 80.000
Porto 80.550
frankfurt 100.900
bruges 200.000

The above is the relevant introduction about Pinnacle Sports. Recently, the UEFA Champions League is coming soon. There are not many platforms that provide preliminary odds of the UEFA Champions League, so players who are still looking for online betting platforms should not miss it! This platform is definitely worth a try for players. Interested players are welcome to click the button below to enter Pinnacle for a small test!